Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Live Angels

In the last 24 hours I have been witness to a series of miraculously angelic events.

Last night my 18-year-old daughter Madelynn went to the store to buy a couple of items. While she was there, a man who was looking at flowers stopped her and asked her opinion. She gave it, and went on shopping. Later, as she walked through the parking lot to her car, the same man approached her and handed her the flowers, then disappeared into the night. Who does that? Angels. What he couldn’t possibly have known was that Madelynn was having a rough evening, and it meant a great deal more than it normally would have. 

Today, this same daughter went to Panda Express to get lunch, something that she doesn’t normally allow herself. She is walking with a cane because of her still un-diagnosed pain. The young man working at the checkout counter unexpectedly offered her a free fountain drink.  Who does that? Angels.  She was very surprised and grateful. She later noticed on her receipt that he had also given her the meal with his employee discount, another angelic act. Madelynn marveled that she had not only been given flowers by a stranger, but within 24 hours a free drink and a discounted meal by a different kind person.

As Madelynn was filling up her free fountain drink, she was approached by a girl, probably in her 20's, who asked where she had gotten her cane. She was hoping to buy one like it for her mom.  The cane Madelynn was carrying had been given to her by an older gentleman who makes them as a hobby, and had very generously been given to Madelynn as a gift (another angel).  This girl wanted something special for her mom, and thought one like Madelynn‘s  would be perfect. Madelynn felt prompted to give her the cane. At first the girl wouldn’t accept the gift, but after a little persuasion, she tearfully and gratefully accepted. Madelynn was so happy for the opportunity to be an angel to someone else.  It was a blessing for both of them. 

 Last night I got motivated to clean out some food storage I needed to get rid of in preparation to finish our basement. We had WAY too much with our kids all grown and mostly gone. I posted it for free on our Stake Facebook page. Several people came to pick some up.  The last woman who came was so happy to take everything I had left. She told me that she had literally been praying earlier that day that she would somehow be able to get more food storage, something that had been weighing on her mind, and that she wanted.   The same day a friend of hers saw my post, called her and gave her my contact information. She left that night from my house with her van loaded with cases and cases of long-term storage. It was an answer to her prayers, and a blessing to me. How did that happen? I felt like an angel to her, and she felt like an angel to me. 

One more: A few weeks ago I offered to help my friend who was getting ready to move. She said the most helpful thing I could do would be to get rid of her food storage for her. She had nine buckets of wheat. She asked if I could find some place that could feed it to animals. I posted it on Facebook. Another friend of mine responded that there was a Canadian geese bird refuge in Salt Lake that would be very grateful to have the wheat. I then realize that I needed to get rid of fifty, yes fifty, old buckets of my own wheat as well as my friend’s. Instead of just telling me about this place, my  friend and her husband hitched up a large trailer that they had to modify in order to accommodate us, drove over to my house, helped load 59 buckets wheat, (no small task)and drove it to Salt Lake for me, where they then had to unload it to drop it off. This is something I could not have done for myself. WHO DOES THAT? Angels.

You never know when your thought to do something kind, yes maybe even unusual for someone else will be just what they need. Maybe you are being prompted to be their angel, a living angel. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

How to Have a GREAT Valentine's Day

Last week I promised that you could tune in this week for a great way to start chipping that plaster off your soul, but I HAVE to write this Valentine's post, so last week's tune-in is now next week's tune-in, and this week's post is about YOU and Valentine's day.

Do you want to have a happy Valentine's day?  Of course you do.... everyone does!  I am bursting at the seams to tell you how!  Are you ready?

Here is how:

First, don't focus on whether anyone is going to give you a Valentine or do something special for you.  I know that is hard, but trust me.

Second, think about whose day you would like to make special on Valentine's day.  Make the day about who you can love, not about what you may be missing out on.  BE THE VALENTINE. It's more fun than you think!

Here are some ideas about how to be the Valentine (this works whether you are single, married, have kids or not, and anything in-between) Pick one or two of the ideas below, or think of your own:

♥Make a list of all the great people in your life.  You will be amazed at how good you have it.

♥Make or buy treats and leave them on your kids or spouses beds, your co-workers desk, or a friend's doorstep.  You may even want to leave a note.

♥Buy a bouquet of flowers and take one flower to each friend, child, sibling, neighbor, or hand them out randomly to strangers.  Or give the whole bouquet to one person.

♥Make a special dinner for your spouse or children or some friends.  If spending a lot of time cooking is not your thing, make whatever you have special with a bottle of sparkling cider, or a fun dessert, or even just tint the milk pink with food coloring.  Kids especially think anything unusual is fun!

♥Gift yourself the time to read an uplifting story or book, or allow yourself some other splurge you wouldn't normally do.

♥Buy one or more candy bars and give them to random people and tell them Happy Valentine's day, or take one or more to someone you care about.

♥Have fun dressing like a valentine (examples included here).  Fun earrings, red or pink jewelry, anything red, pink, purple, white, grey or black in combo is fun.  (I personally set a goal to wear something pink every day this month, but then pink is my favorite color.)

♥Buy an inexpensive and cute container at the dollar store and fill it with something to give to someone.

♥Write someone meaningful to you a special note telling them why they are important in your life.

♥Doorbell ditch something yummy or fun to your neighbors or friends.

♥If you don't have someone that does something for you on Valentine's day, do something for yourself.  I have a friend who gives herself a present and a box of chocolates every year.  She even wraps the present ahead of time so she has something fun to open.  Maybe a bath bomb and candlelight soak in the tub is your style, or maybe your favorite chocolates and a great movie.  Whatever it is that would be fun for you, make it happen. Don't sit around wishing someone else would make it happen for you.

The list could go on and on.  Please comment below with your own ideas!

When you stop waiting for someone to make your day special, and you go out and make other people's day special you will find that you are a lot more happy and filled with love than you could have imagined.  Make this Valentine's day about who YOU can love instead of sitting around wondering who is going to show love to you.  I promise it will make all the difference in the world.