Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Cat With an Attitude

We have a cat.  She has life pretty good.  She can wander in and out of the house whenever she wants during the day.  Her food and water dish are always full and available whenever she is hungry or thirsty.  She has a warm and comfortable place to sleep in the garage at night.  Someone is always around to give her a little back scratch when she wants one (and only when SHE wants one).  Yep, life is pretty good.  But somehow she still wants more.  She wants me to fill the sink in the bathroom for her to drink from so she doesn't have to go all the way downstairs to get a drink.  She will sit by the sink and meow and meow in hopes that someone will do this for her.  She has lots of plush carpet to relax on all day long, and even a heated tile floor, but she constantly tries to make my bed her hang-out spot, or one of the couches that she is not allowed on.  I am constantly kicking her off, by which she is always completely offended.

This morning after literally just filling up her water dish downstairs while she was standing right there, she went right up to the bathroom sink and started meowing.  Sheesh!  She has it a lot better than a lot of other cats in the world, but still she is not satisfied.  She wants more, better, softer, more convenient.

Then the thought struck me like lightening, "I wonder if I'm like that?"  I started to think.  I have life pretty good.  I have food and water available whenever I am hungry or thirsty.  I have a comfortable and wonderful home to live in.  Someone is always around to listen and to meet my needs.  I have everything I could want in a very short radius around me.  Yep, life is pretty good.  Am I satisfied with my life, or do I always want more?

Then I began to wonder if wanting more is a bad thing.  (Wish you were here so we could have a conversation about this, but since you aren't, I have to reason it out for myself:)  I feel like wanting more can go either way.  If you feel like you are not satisfied with your life, if you have an attitude that you deserve more, feeling that everyone else has more than you do and you are getting gypped, and enough is never enough, then yes, wanting more is probably not a good thing.  It means you will never truly be satisfied or be happy with what you have.

On the other hand, if you want more so that you can give your children or others a better life, so that you can serve and help, so that you can relief suffering, so that you can have needs met, so that you can live and give more abundantly, then I believe wanting more is a good thing.  People with this type of wanting more are already happy in their circumstances and grateful for what they have.  It's a completely different mindset.

I wonder what mindset my cat has..........and what about me?  And what about you?

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